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About us

PubbliMais is a historic italian Company, founded in Turin in 1967 and famous in the rally sector for having contributed to the creation of the liveries of the most famous Lancia, Abarth and Fiat cars in the golden age of therse.
The Company is led by the Mais family, made up of

by his sons Luca and Roberto Mais and his father Vinicio Mais.

Luca, Roberto e Vinicio Mais

PubbliMais is a historic Italian company founded by Mais Vinicio in the late 1960s, a stone's throw from the Abarth headquarters in Corso Marche a Torino. PubbliMais rightfully entered the history of Italian Rallying for having developed the official Martini Racing liveries for Abarth for the Lancia rally cars that participated and won in the World Rally Championships.


Our history: the beginnings and historic collaborations with the Fiat Group

PubbliMais has distinguished itself since its inception in the field of vehicle decoration. In the 70s and 80s PubbliMais collaborated several times with the Fiat Group, working on assistance vans and on the Fiat 131 Abarth, Ritmo Abarth and Fiat Uno Turbo cars, and also worked on Fiat industrial projects, thus developing considerable experience in the field of car decorations. vehicles and soon became very well known.

Since 1985 Abarth turned to PubbliMais to develop the Martini liveries on Lancia cars in paint. Thus were born the definitive versions of the Martini liveries for the Lancia ECV, the Lancia LC2 (enlarged version), the Lancia Delta S4 and above all for the various Lancia Deltas which, in the 4WD and Integrale 8v-16v versions, repeatedly participated and won the World Rally Championships from 1987 to 1990 bringing the Lancia brand to the top of the world.

The golden years of the 80s and 90s: the World Rally Champion Lancia Martini cars

In the 80s and 90s, numerous satellite teams of Lancia and Abarth also relied on PubbliMais: our archive boasts, among others, the execution of the Totip, Grifone Esso and Fina liveries with which the Lancia Deltas raced and won numerous Rally races of the World, European and Italian championships of those years led by Italian drivers of the caliber of Dario Cerrato and Alessandro Fiorio.

Lancia Delta Evo Martini 1992
Lancia Delta Integrale 16v rossa Martini 1989
Lancia Delta integrale 16v Martini 1990
Lancia Delta Totip
Lancia Delta 16v Fina
Lancia Delta 4WD Martini
Lancia Delta 8v Grifone Esso
Lancia Delta S4 Martini
Lancia LC2 Martini

Lancia, Abarth, Fiat, Ferrari, Cisitalia, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Osella Squadra Corse, Chevrolet, Ligier are some of the prestigious automotive cars Brand that have been decorated by PubbliMais during its existence.

Furthermore, the cars designed by PubbliMais took part in the most important motor racing competitions of all disciplines of the time: World Rally Championships, Paris-Dakar rally, Gran Turismo, Sports Prototypes, Italian Superturismo Championship, DTM and even Formula 1 (Osella racing team Denim-MS livery driven by Eddie Cheever).

The records of PubbliMais 

Over the course of its history, PubbliMais has created the graphics of at least one example of the most iconic Lancia, Abarth and Fiat cars of all time: Cisitalia Abarth 204A, Fulvia Montecarlo, Fulvia Safari, Fulvia HF Coupé Marlboro, Fiat 124 Abarth Rally, Fiat Abarth prototype , Lancia 4WD, Lancia Integrale 8v and 16v, Lancia Delta Evolution.

PubbliMais boasts in its history the very first executions of rally cars and superprototypes which later became famous: Fiat 131 MS livery, Fiat 131 Abarth '77 Fiat Oil livery, Fiat 131 and Fiat Ritmo Abarth  4 Rombi Olio Fiat livery designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, Lancia 037 Scuderia Grifone Olio Fiat Sanremo '84, Lancia Delta S4 Grifone Esso, Lancia LC2 Martini, Lancia ECV, Lancia ECV2, Lancia Delta Shell livery Sanremo '89, Lancia Delta Motorshow Bologna '92 (Waldegaard, Aghini, Munari, Cerrato).

Lancia Stratos Alitalia
Lancia Fulvia Coupè HF Marlboro
Fiat 131 Abarth Alitalia
Fiat Ritmo Abarth
Lancia Delta S4 Grifone Esso
Lancia Stratos Marlboro
Fiat 131 Abarth VS Olio Fiat
Fiat Uno Turbo Totip
Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo Martini
Fiat Ritmo Abarth VS Olio Fiat
Lancia ECV Martini
Lancia ECV 2
Lancia Delta Concessionari Lancia
Lancia Rally 037 Olio Fiat 1984
Alfa Romeo 155 GTA
Osella Squadra Corse FA1 Formula 1
Ligier JS11/15 Formula 1
Fiat Ritmo Totip
Lancia Delta Integrale Shell 1989
Fiat 127 Alitalia
Cisitalia Abarth 204A

Not just Rally. Since 1975, PubbliMais designed and created the graphics for numerous cars that took part in the Raids around the world for the italian magazine Gente Motori, and also decorated the liveries of several cars that took part in the Paris-Dakar.


From the early 90s to the early 2000s, PubbliMais took care of the graphics of the car park of the Agnelli family of Turin, namely Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli: Lancia Delta Evo, Dedra, Tema, Alfa Romeo 156, Multipla, Panda 4x4, Ferrari, Limousine , Lancia Z 2.0 turbo, Lancia k 2.4 and others.

Other curiosities and peculiarities

PubbliMais è stata fino agli anni '90 ditta leader nella realizzazione di grafiche in vernice per le più grandi marche automobilistiche e di veicoli commerciali quali Fiat, Viberti, Iveco e le più note aziende dell' epoca quali Rai, Panna Elena, Casa dei Cappelletti, Tortellini Rana, Godino Giocattoli, Caffè Costadoro, Galup, Loacker, Latte Abit e tante altre. Particolarmente pregiate erano tutte le esecuzioni miste pennello e vernice per le più importanti marche di birra (Foster's, Bulldog, Beck's, Guinness) sia sulle insegne in legno dei pub di Torino sia sui veicoli che venivano completamente decorati. 

Nowadays PubbliMais creates the complete graphics of the former official historic cars by members of the world's greatest collectors, restorers, Foundations and international Sellers. 
From 2015 to today, works of great value have been carried out. We remember the complete restorations on former official Italian historic cars such as Lancia Delta Integrale, Lancia 037, Lancia Delta S4, Beta Montecarlo Turbo Lancia Corse, Lancia LC1,  a good number of historic Ferrari models (550, 308, and others) and of former official foreign cars that competed in the World Rally Championships in the 70s-80s-90s: Alpine A110, Audi quattro, Ford Cortina Lotus, Ford Escort Cosworth, Mini Cooper, Porsche 911, Renault R5 Turbo, Toyota Celica.

The present day

In recent years, PubbliMais has spent considerable energy and time to design and recreate in adhesive the paint liveries of the historic years of the Golden Age of Rally. Furthermore, hundreds of sponsors, brands and historical writings have been reconstructed starting from the original stickers present in our warehouses, or from the surveys and tracings carried out on original cars.

Nowadays PubbliMais is the most important Italian Company present on the web specialized in the sale of stickers reproducing the historic Lancia, Abarth and Fiat liveries.  Our products are viewed and sold in Italy, Europe and the World.

Lancia Delta Evoluzione Martini 1992
Lancia Delta rossa 16v Martini 1989
Fiat 131 Abarth Alitalia
Lancia Fulvia Coupè Marlboro
Lancia Stratos Alitalia
Lancia Delta Integrale 16v Martini 1990
Beta Montecarlo Turbo Dallara
Lancia Rally 037 Martini
Lancia Delta 16v Fina
Lancia Delta S4 Martini
Lancia Delta 16v Martini e Fiat 131 Abarth Alitalia
Lancia LC2 Martini
Lancia Stratos Rino Fabbri
Ferrari 308 Marlboro
Ferrari 308 Olio Fiat
Ford Escort Martini WRC 1998
Fiat Abarth SE031
ferrrari 550 Maranello GT2
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